Johnnie Walters Jr.


Dear Stone City Blog,
I was told to write and be “direct” in the sense of my really looking for someone to get in touch with me who might be interested in helping me with some of the musical works that I have been working on for the last years.

If you google “stackwell” you will see I am well invested in myself, and am not looking for hand-outs. More than anything, I am searching for someone who will offer feedback, and share ways to help increase progress of my endeavors, as well as be a real “FRIEND”, by means of correspondence and possible visits.

I understand how it might be hard to reach out to a “stranger” but, (as I was taugt) w/o strangers, there would never be friends… and it would really just mean a lot to meet new people I can move forward with, in my life, to avoid going backwards in the same previous circles that could cause me similar setbacks.

This new year leaves me hoping for a lot of things worth being hopeful for. Namely my freedom, but also, just a lot of positive things we can build on from our experiances in 2015.

It seems like the world has become so impersonalized by the internet and texting that it seems we rarely know how to communicate the “little things” to eachother in order for relationships to become as meaningful as one would appreciate.

And the only advice I can say for today, is stop yourself from sending that text or email, just once, and pick up and ACTUALLY CALL that person, or go see them face to face for a conversation, and see where it goes.
(the world needs that) (and a hug…lol)

Thank You for your time, Stone City Blog, and for letting me use this platform to reach out.

Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185

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