Daniel Turner


One very easy way for guys in here to start applying rational thought to their everyday lives is this: Stop with the reactionary dislike of correctional staff. It’s silly. In this state, in this particular prison, to pretend that the guards are sadistic or out to get you, is ridiculous. You’re treated far more kindly in here than guys in the military are treated. Of course there is the occasional asshole, or someone having or bad day, or someone who doesn’t handle conflcit well. But there are people like this in every walk of life. Get used to it. And over my years in prison, I’ve found that when a prisoner is complaining about correctional staff, at least 90% of the time, it is either his own fault or at least he made it worse with his immature reactions. And usually, it’s just because the staff caught him doing something wrong.

This is not about “sticking up for the cops,” as plenty of guys in here would say about my little spiel. It’s about sticking up for what’s right, what’s rational. Sometimes when we use reason, we don’t like the conclusions that i brings us (we might find out we were wrong and the cops were right, for example), but admitting it anyway is the best sign of a mature, rational mind.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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