Ramone Echols

My Year End Review…

2015 , has been one hell of a year for me. I was tested with alot of the bullsh!t that I use to get into over the years , and when those things came along I was able to keep it pushing and not indulge. Growth , it’s a beautiful thing. I talked to a few people that I haven’t had contact with in twenty years or better , and hearing from them was right on time cause there were things I was going through and they really lifted my spirits. My good friend Lisa popped up on me out of nowhere. I talked to my aunte Annette , and I’ve been keeping in touch with my family alot more than before. The flip side to that is that I’ve also disconnected with some people that I was close with. I really miss my cousin Tiff alot. Her and my sister Shay was beefing , and somthings were said. I didn’t like what Tiff said , so I went in on her. I feel really messed up about how I got at my cousin , and Tiff , I Love You & I apologize again. That chick from P.O / Kent. She was my heart , but the time & distance between us has made it hard for us to bounce back to where we were when I got locked up. We had a knock down , drag out again recently , and because of what was said I lost alot of me & my happiness cause we will never be together again. But she will always be my HLF 4 LIFE. I lost a few more friendships as well , but it is what it is. I also lost my Grandma on my Father’s side , one of my adopted mothers Ms. Gipson , and my great uncle Melvin , and all of them were between July & December. I was also approved for surgery on my back. For years I’ve been dealing with an issue with my back , and these people kept saying it was nothing. All of a sudden after I was given an MRI I’ve been diagnosed with having severe neuroforaminal narrowing at my L5 & S1. I haven’t been able to work out or execise in almost three years , and because of not being able to work out like I use too I’ve just crossed the line into being diabetic. AIN’T THAT SOME SH!T !!!!!! I’m tripping , but I’m not tripping cause as soon as I recover from the surgery I’ll be right back to working out. So as of now I’ve been trying to chanqge my eating habits until I can get back to my cardio & weights. I’m still a part of the Redemption project , and I’m finishing up my Correspondence course. I also ran into my past a couple of times this year. The first time was when I was investigated as the ring leader with a couple of cats doing their hustle thing. And the second time was when I was walking and heard this guy behind me say ” you see that cool @$$ disciple right there , Rome. That’s who you want to be around cause he not going to tell you nothing wrong. ” I turned around and seen that he was talking to a young member. I just kept it pushing , but when I caught up with him later I asked him could he please not do that anymore. Like I said , Growth is a beautiful thing. I also learned to humble myself a little more , and with that I learned something else about myself. I always said that I couldn’t be with a porn star or stripper because of what those lifestyles come with , but I really have a thing for Maliah Michels , FOR REAL FOR REAL!!!!!! And what I learned by humbling myself is that I’M IN LOVE WIT A STRIPPER. Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this: HAPPY NEW YEAR ! May your 2016 be as blessed as 2015 was for you. See y’all in 2018.

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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