Steve Anderson



I could feel the presence of someone walking beside me, funny cause
I already understood and know who it was and why they were there, oh what was it, not human for dam-sure but a soldier that never sleeps but takes orders from God, when to bring one to the afterlife.

It was more like an instinctive intuition a feeling of dread.

Apprehension of some sort, it felt like the distant cousin of death, the
Grim reaper, was back to his assigned job to following me, but really
as I stated awaiting on the green light from God, to bring another to
answer up on how one walked on dryland and sobe sea.

Its the feeling you get when you have done alot of drit, mayhem
and murder and have gotten away with, lets just say much, mostly by
luck then again luck is jealousy of success, its the many prayers that
God has gotten from love ones and friends.

These that care as I have said in the support of friends, love ones and the homies.

As I walked down the block my thoughts pop on I really need to get
out the game, I mean its life to this shit hood, so never let another
see your weakness it will turn into others strength, only if you
let them you’ll always have a say, if it got something to do with YOU! !

The streets is always watching with a scoreboard, calculating the wins and filing the losses in a column called 6,1/2ft down in the graveyard
where many tears is spoild on top of the ones resting in the soil below.

Well I tell you not just cause were I reside, but people everything gets
old if your heart ant in for the long ride, thats with, 96% in love to be
with no doubt (BE) true love, AS I SAID EVERYTHING GETS OLD

Take Care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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