Dwayne Satterfield

Prison Dog Program

Today is a sad day form me. I have to go give the puppy I have been training to its new family. I will never see him again. He has been such a joy to train and work with. I have been in the dog program here at stafford creek for just over 3 years now and each dog that I have trained has been just as hard to give up at the end of their training cycle. I owe these dogs and this program alot. I have relearned what it is like to love something and to care for it as you would take care of yourself. This puppy, Deisel a chihuahua mix, who was abandoned in the woods and left for dead as a 4 week old puppy was rescued by HAVA and then brought to us. He is now 14 weeks old and is trained to perform how to heel, sit, stay, stand stay, he has been kennel and crate trained, he is potty trained and can even do some tricks. It is a awesome experience to be involved to this program where we have a direct impact in a positive way on so many peoples lives. All of the inmates here benifit from having the dog around, it is very therapudic and all of the volunteers for the dog program inside and out of prison, and especially the adopters of the dogs fro this program. they really benifit from all of the care we have given the dogs. I am proud to have been a part of this. none the less I will still be sad to see him go.


Dwayne Satterfield
DOC #986725


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  1. Hi Dwayne.

    Stone City Bloggers have been hanging onto my blogg entitled for 15 months now and I read most of them all without replying because I just get too many and some are just soap box ones where the bloggers write about the injustice of the prison system etc …..yours about the Dog Prison Program struck a chord with me and I thought I‘d just drop you a line to say that I loved what you wrote. Being an ardent dog lover myself I can empathise with you bonding with each new puppy in the program and then having to give it away after it has been in your constant care and under your tuition. I suspect it wouldn’t be much of a program though if you kept the first puppy you had trained….and it lived happily after with you for the next 15 years. Did you get taught how to train a puppy? 14 weeks from start to finish sounds like a miraculous lot of learning for the puppy. My Stellar …have you seen the blogg? She is a counsellor and answers all sorts of questions that folk write in but I must say even though she is now three years old I still have to sometimes get her when she is extremely busy doing exciting things……Shall finish off now because you might get a strong response to the entry and you may need to get yourself a secretary to answer the fan mail…..but if I am the only one..drop me a line….tell me a bit more about yourself and we shall go from there. I am in Australia. As is Stellar. Best wishes. Jackie.


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