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This next article, I learned about while reading the Wall Street Journal:

Previously the ration of men to women in South Korea was 116.5 males (somebody tell me what a half of a male is???) for every 100 females. Until last year (2014) when the ratio dropped from 105 males to every 100 females…One might ask how there is so much more males? It is called “Gender Selection” which I learned means that when people find out they are having female babies they have abortions, they are ashamed to have females, and they want males instead…

Also in South Korea, 10% of marriages are men marrying women from other countries, I assume because of the shortage of women in Korea, the major countries they marry from are: China, Vietnam, & the Phillipines. In Korea, if fmailies already had 1 daughter, sometimes they would have an abortion, when they found out another daughter was in the womb. That is sad to me because, not only are babies dying, babies are so wonderful, so adorable so sweet, and I love fully grown women, they are such beautiful and precious creatures….Anyway–In 1990 the ratio of the 3rd baby born to a family was 193 boys for every 100 girls, which is obvious evidence of “gender selection”
Dr. Kim Ahm, a gynecologist said: “When a patient knew she was going to have a 2nd girl, she cried. When you told her she was having a 3rd daughter, the patient really panicked.”

KoEun Kwang-soon, a traditional medicine Doctor said that she had been asked: “Too many times to make medicines that help a patient concieve a boy.”

Jonathan Gordon
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