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What’s crackin everybody? This is a brief summary of an interview I saw on TVW, on a show called Well Read hosted by Terry Tazioli.
The interview is with Gloria Steinem who is a world famous feminist. I did the best I could tryin to capture what I could, but sometimes people speak faster than I can write, so enjoy:

Books written by Ms. Steinem:
Outrageous act and everyday rebellion
Marilyn: Norma Jean
Revolutio from within
Doing 60 and 70
and her latest book which she was promoting on the show: My life on the road

In her book, Ms. Steinem says she owes her energy from travelling. “If you stay on that road frame of mind, it’s energizing on it’s own…you hear people’s stories, it’s kind of like a campfire.”

She also said in the interview: “I absorbed my father’s optimism, living with spontaniety, my mother was a writer and journalist far before I was born. She gave it up following my father, reading was her rebellion, reading was my rebellion…I was utterly shocked by books and saved by small libraries on the road, I still love small libraries, I liked the idea that if you travelled people’s lives matter…” Personally, Ms. Steinem don’t drive, but she loves to travel. She also says: “I suddenly realized that I’m writing on the road and I don’t drive…your voyage begins the minute you leave the door. Your’e not travelling in a tin can…(she meant that when you travel you cross paths with other people’s lives and interact with a diverse array of people) travelling in a taxi is intimate…those who have been in a situation where we’re more powerful than those around us should listen as much as they talk, and those who are in a situation where they are less powerful than those around them should talk as much as they listen…Going to a pow-woe to the equal power of restore, the power of women in the past. While Ms. Steinem was travelling by bus, she came across the Sturgis bike rally and she met a “biker chick” in a coffee shop, who said: “Isn’t that woman you’re travelling with Alice Walker? I really love her poetry.” The Lady then pointed out her purple mortorcycle. Gloria went on to say:” Everything close up is different than it is from away… Big names has definition of feminism changed? NO, it’s the same as Women’s Liberation…hopefully we won’t need a definition because it will be a way of life…’

This is a continuation of the interviwe of Ms. Steinem done by Gary Tazioli on the show “Well Read”
Ms. Steinem says: “It’s a changed conscious, the belief in the full econonomic equality. There’s a minority and powerful backlash. In order to prepetuate classism and racism in India, you have to control reproduction, In this country since we are about to be come no longer a White European majority conutry, the people are trying to supress sex education and forcing women to have they babies they don’t want, and that would keep them from sustaining their health.”

Ms. Steinem spends more than half of her time on the road she says: “I love being on campuses, so called “lectures” turn into talking circles…the great thing about my father is he always ahd a dream, my dream is more like my mothers, she’s concerned with justice and kindness….
Same people in America who promote racism–also try to keep men’s population higher than women’s, for 1st time in history, men out number women because of war, genocide, interfering with women’s reproduction.”

The 2nd part of the show has a booklist with host Mary Ann Gwinn, so here is the books that she recommended, pertaining to the topic of Feminism:

Gloria: she spent life encouraging women getting them to employ their strength, I have a list of about srong interesting women, some are heroes, some are not…Mary Wolsencraft is considered a pioneer in feminism, her daughter was shunned by Anglo Society, when she ran away and married a poet named Mr. Shelley, then wrote “Frankenstein”. I had to inclued one book about the suffragette movement Tracy Chavalier’s “Fallen Angels” she also wrote “Girl with the pearl ear ring”…”Stalin’s daugher” by Rosemary Sullivan, Stalin’s daughter defected to the west, her mother killed herself, her daughter was named Svetlana…

Marlene Deitrich & Ms.Riefenstal, were 2 Germann woman who became famous, Ms. Deitrich at her time, was the highest paid woman in hollywood, Ms. Riefenstal was a Nazi Propagandist movie star who made proganda films for Hitler & the Nazis…Ms. Deitrich was a total vamp & had the heart of lion….
and: “Romantic Outlaws” by Charlotte Gordon

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