Ramone Echols

Domestic Violence

I keep seeing how the media is crucifying Greg Hardy , and now Araldis Chapman ( a pitcher ) is being gunned down right now by the MLB. But there was an abuser playing in the womens word cup this summer. Her name is Hope Solo , and she has multiple DV’s against her sister , nephew , and the cat she’s with former Seahawk Tightend Jeremy Stevens. She was suspended for three games , but when it came to that world cup it seems like society gave her a pass. Some people say it’s a difference between a man committing domestic violence , and a woman committing domestic violence , and I call BULLSH!T on that. Domestic Violence is Domestic Violence no matter who commits it. Ray Rice can’t get a job. Ray Mcdonald can’t keep a job. Everybody feel that Greg Hardy should lose his job. And now Araldis Chapman’s trade to the Dodgers is being blocked for now , and he hasn’t even been charged in a court of law with anything. Right is right , and wrong is wrong. Or is it white is right , and black is wrong. Yeah , I said it. It’s not cause she’s a female cause Brittney Grinner and Gloria Johnson both got seven game suspensions , along with being talked about on a vast majority of the media outlets worldwide. Me , myself personally. I feel that regardless of color women should be treated the same as men when it comes to domestic violence , period. David Justice was still being called the abuser of Halle Berry all these years later until she came out and cleared all that up. Lorena Bobitt , the most famous case of domestic violence committed by a woman when she wacked off partna’s lil’ man , but here it is twenty-one years later and people are still treating her like a celebraty for the vicious act she committed. She was popping up on all kind of shows this summer on some anniversary type sh!t , but Greg Hardy is a monster though. GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE !!!!!! Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this. Domestic Violence has been going on since the beginning of time , and it seems like it’s getting more and more sensationalized as the years go. It’s hasn’t just become a problem , it’s been a problem. And until society quits acting like it’s only wrong when the man does it , it’s going to remain a problem. Right is right , and wrong is wrong. Domestic Violence should be predicated off integrity , and not favortism , period !!!!

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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  1. Ramone — I feel your pain and completely agree with you on this opinion. I’m seeing the awareness increase, and have a son who has experienced abuse. Men who are abused are highly likely to commit crimes they normally would never have committed and I have seen it first hand with my son. He now sits in prison due to a crime he committed while in an abusive relationship, and I’m convinced she has everything to do with it.


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