Ramone Echols


I was going through the channels last night when I ran across Nancy Grace , and she was talking about a facebook killing. She was saying that a female named Sharae Bradford met somebody on facebook , went on a date with him , and was found murdered , naked , and covered in blood in her bed later that night. They don’t know if dude she went out with is the one that killed her , but he’s not ruled out either. She was the mother of a six year old daughter , and now she’s dead. This likes thing on facebook is getting out of hand. People are posting pictures , and you got people liking them. The problem with this is you have these females that are losing sight of reality thinking they’re worth more than what they really are because they have a few thirsty dudes liking their low budget @$$ glamour shots. So they think they’re 10’s , when they’re only 6’s , but really 2’s once you get to know them cause their attitudes ain’t about sh!t. Then you got the ones that are talking to dudes for a couple of hours , and then they meet up with him to let him bust it open. So now you have situations like the one with Sharae Bradford , and I’m willing to bet a dollar to a pound of sh!t that he got her attention by liking her bootleg @$$ glamour shots. This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen in the news somebody getting killed after meeting somebody on facebook , and just by looking at how society is with this social media sh!t it won’t be the last. Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this: Girls , women , ladies , or whatever title you females want to put on yourself. I’m sure you’ve heard that looks aren’t everything , and a majority of y’all allow looks to be everything. You either think your looks will get you by in life , or you let looks determine if you’ll even give a person a chance to get to know you. There’s alot of females out there being forced to sell their @$$ , or dead because of those likes. I know y’all see CATFISH. Now think about the ones that’s been catfished that we don’t get to see their stories because they’re dead or being forced to sell @$$ like a Russian hoe in a Tiajuana hoe house ( and we all know how mexicans will pay for a 400 pound hoe , so Imagine what they’ll do to somebody that get likes for their ghetto @$$ glamour shots ). Get y’all heads out the clouds , and get back to reality before you become the next victim of ” LIKES “. Because whether you know it or not this is the behavior being passes down to our daughters. Rip Sharae Bradford , and my deepest condolences to her family and friends especially her daughter. Song of the day : What’s The 411 ? – Mary J. Blige Feat Grand Puba.

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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