Steve Anderson


I want to… I mean… What are you asking me? To be with you? It
seems so fast.”

Why does it seem so fast to us? Because I know what I want?”

“But you don’t really know me or the things I’ve done. The things I
seen. To share is us getting to know each other thats real uncut and
its ours we create us not anyone else but what we put in to each others
heart, mind, and soul.

Like I said that’s what I’m trying to do now. Will you let there be a us?


YES. I see and want what your asking of me, all I wish for us is to be
honest at all times, with no head games what so ever, it more but my
mind is cloudy right now, I had no ideal you felt this way well mybe
alittle I did, I knoe somethng was created with the eyes of our heart.

These words create the start of the ( ANEW ) with one you really
love and care for, and yes the truth must be spoaken from ones
HEART, to know what you have with another is having a life with them
then one starts to live LIFE.

I look back on my life and to keep it 100% Im happy with me not
from all I done and went through, but who I am today, at one time
I was a bad guy today I give back as much as I can starting with seeking
true foregiveness from God and self cause something can ruin you.

As to the walking dead I see it every day, and what do they get from
life? Thats easy Nothing, not puting your healthy thoughts in words and your actions brings you ” NOTHING.”

At this point in my life very knowledgeable not liking were I reside at but I do good getting much as I can out of this ituation and all the unness thats on this side of the world, its many of us in love with
the (ANEW) thats going to make the world better cause we GIVEN !.

As I have said in the pass Im a becoming man adding to my new
life tools along with Gods mercy I feel like im winning.

Please leave your thoughts I do care what you think.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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