Jonathan Gordon


This next article is a metaphor. I wrote this a few months ago while watching a documentary on ktbs channel about these people who took a trip to antartica and the dude used that saying. So in my mind, I came up with a different kind of meaning for journey….

Life is a journey not a destination…before you embark on a journey, you must decide a few things: 1st, where are you planning on going?

Also, how long are you planning on being there? What supplies are you gonna need to take to sustain you while away? How are you gonna get there? There is different kind of travelers: some, never stray to far from home, and when they do, they don’t stay for long.

Some are more adventurous and love to be out about everywhere as much as possible, they take in all the scenery and see all the sites.

When you follow a travel plan designed by a travel agent (which is a metaphor for a mentor)
they have already laid the path down for you, all you have to do is follow their instruction and it’s easy sailing from there. You can jump in your car and use the GPS to guide you. Or you can go as a drifter, where ever the wind blows you go, never staying in one place to long, never getting anything established, and having any sense of consistency or stability.

For some people, the journey is arduous, they don’t like the long sitting in the car, in the greyhound, the amtrak, or on the plane, infact some are afraid to fly, so they stay grounded….others enjoy the actual travelling in the vehicle, they take in everything, meeting people along the way, stopping at the resturaunts they heard about, eating the exotic foods and staying in the specialty hotels/motels. Some people like to travel on boats, where the water is beautiful, there is no land, out there by yourselves, but you run the risk of getting seasick, not getting your legs and the trip can be tumultous, bumpy…and all you wanna do is get back on terra firma. Life is a journey, we are all headed somewhere, the question is, where are you headed, and how you gonna get there?

Beware of the traffic, the speeding, and the getting pulled over for running red lights or switching lanes illegally, when you decide to take off and fly, beware of layovers and cancellations at the airport, when you travelling on foot, beware of the speeding cars that so caught up in tryin to get where they going, they ain’t gona stop and run you over…however yo decide to travel, obey the rules of the road, they plane, the sidewalk or the boat…

The point is, THIS IS LIFE: What does your life mean to you? are you willing to take the reigns and control where you are headed? Are you willing to go off the beaten path and create your own path? Or are you content to follow the path of others, in the dark not knowing where you are going? Or do you constantly try to take shortcuts on backstreets and find yourself hittin dead ends?
How much do you value your own life?
Do you care enough to be pro-active and make what you want happen?
Are you prepared to succeed?
Do you have the neccessary tools and provisions to take with you on this journey to make sure you get to your destination as planned?

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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