Ian Strawn

Hello readers

This specific blog is a shout out to one individual who has been giving me good advice in my life lately . I want to give this person a million thank you’s . We have not had a bunch of time due to the circumstances to really get to know each other but you are appreciated . I am going to leave it at that i feel great lately i have figured keep working out with my new job i have to say its growing on me and im not a liar : ) i just needed to get accostumed to the hours shifting. So I like the job. mabey i will get a 401 k , mabey a raise ? How about a christmas bonus ? Hmmm ,lol well i guess this isnt the union. ; ) so i guess i will work with what im givin and ill like it. So im getting a little bit of a fan base on this blog to my knowledge it is only two people lol but the two that read it are all i need. I bite my tongue and i dont always say what is on my mind there are consiquences for that . But closed mouths dont get fed and you can never bite the hand that feeds you, how ” cliche “well i am tired im going to go to sleep think positive and positivity will engulf you.!

Ian Strawn
DOC # 883484

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  1. Hello from France Ian ! Please dont stop your blog I really like to read you šŸ™‚
    Take care of yourself
    Your friend Elodie


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