Happy Birthday Princess


Today my Princess Takira , turned twenty-one , and I have sooooo many mixed emotions. It’s funny cause when she was born I didn’t even know about her until I went on the run , and she was almost two months old at that point. Her mother is my big sister Tara , who I Love to death because as soon as se heard I was on the run she immediately tracked me down through our dad. I went to Tara’s house on Jan 12 , 1995 , to see my princess before I got caught and I feel in love with her. My princess was so Beautiful & precious , and all I could think of was how I was going to miss out on her life. I spent the night and When I woke up she was already up , so I was spending as much time as I could with her. That day on Jan 13 , when the U.S. Marshalls showed up to get me I picked my sleeping beauty up from her crib and I woke her up. She didn’t cry at all for being woke up. She looked at me , and I said to my princess ” You won’t remember none of this , but I want you to know that your uncle Mone loves you. No matter what anybody says , you’re my princess and I Love You forever. ” I’ve always tried to keep up with her as much as I could over the years , and now we have such a beautifulrelationship. If I go longer than two weeks without calling , she’ll get on me. I woke up this morning and called her immediately after I washed my face & brushed my teeth. She was on her way to school when I called , and as always she made my day. My princess is amazing. She’s spent her whole life on the southside of Chicago , and she has defied all the odds. She’s finished high school , she don’t do the gangs or drugs , she not a tramp , she has no kids , she works & go to school , and she’s 21 !!! See , she could’ve been ‘ bout that life , but she chose not to be. Plus , big sis would’ve been in that @$$ if she thought she wanted to be ’bout that life LMAO. My princess is my pride & joy , and I let her know it all the time. Every chance I get ! I let her know it. Now , with that being said I’ll leave y’all with this : Sometimes in life we have the most amazing bonds with people we least expect to have them with. With the way our bond is you would think that I was actually there to help raise her. She’s on her way to bumping her aunte Shay out of my bestfriend spot , but don’t tell Shay I said that. Now Princess , you’ll remember this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!!!!!!!! Your uncle Mone loves you. No matter what anybody says , you’re my princess and I Love You Forever !!!!!

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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