Steve Anderson


steve anderson

Seriously Im always looking for someone thats in the outside world, or have accuse to someone thats has alittle free time, lets say for a wish of mine.

To give their time to log on to ( – and read one of my many blogs, and to tell me what they think of my words?

Im told that some of my content is too long & Im
still missing spelling some words, its due to me typing to fast on my
little toy, so Im going to make my content shorter, & I’ll be mindful on my spelling, & going to fast.

This is why its very important to leave your COMENT’S your words have power & can bring better for all….

Well she’s a Boss in my book cause she not only takes charge she
walks with her head held high, very confidant in her skills & moves in her life waiting on no one, & is good at multiasking, thats what
she say, Im not laughing at you, I just recognize a strong woman.

In my world we just say one got skills she took time to read some of my blogs, and I tell yea people I am very thankful to all that give my words
air time, my only hope & gain is to get better and to know through my
words Im helpedling someone in a positive fashion or gave one some new info, or a better understanding.

That brings joy within my heart to know one of them statements apply to anothers life, so many tell me NOT to stop writing so at this point as long as I can buy gas my words will always be there for you.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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