Ian Strawn


ian strawn

Well here i am again its been a couple of months.
I have been busy i got a new jobb i dont like it but its a job : ) . I have been pretty happy lately my little brother just got on a plane to the philipines .Hes going to visit my dad Im super happy for them , i cant wait to go see my dad i miss him a lot he deserves his little bit of paradise . Well i feel im in a good place in my life good things have been happening lately. I dont get spoiled with visits i only get them about every 3 months but i do enjoy every minute i get with them . Im lucky to have the family that i do have and im grateful that i didnt damage the relationship that we have . I see so many people that dont have support from their family and friends i wonder what they possibly could have done to have pushed them away ? Then we have people here who get visits every weekend, i wonder are these people making the changes in their own lives to not come back and be successful . Well i cant focus on those issues. I have to get it together and i have been doing good with my issues. I believe its getting easier with getting older. I have also been working out this last year im seeing great results I feel better about myself. I have been reaching out to get a little companship over the last 2 years i have used a few sites to try to meet some one special but im not really having the best luck . I do how ever figure that when the universe decides that i have made enough growth i will meet some one thay deserves to be treated right. It is lonely in prison its a horrible situation for every one involved . The family support Love that is shared is what makes this place bareable .My growth will probly never stop i think i am in prison for a reason i think i lost sight of my destiny i have big dreams and little that can stop me. In the past i have been my worst enemy i want to leave a positive carbon foot print . Well i am going to sign off for now .

Ian Strawn
DOC # 883484

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