Jonathan Gordon


There was a time in the 1960’s in Pasco,WA when African American people couldn’t be out about in the city past 12 o’clock midnight, and in Seattle when a majority of the African Americans could only live in the Central Distict (the CD), then eventually African Americans starting migrating south to the South End & West Seattle & there was a big push that made intergration of schools mandatory. The appointment of Ana Mari is an important day to remember in the annuals of education in this state, & hopefully more avenues for non white people, women & LGBTQ people will open up at the school to increase the numbers of people being educated & not being excluded.

62 Years ago, Payboy Magazine started publishing nude photos of women. The magazine has said:”We (society) are made more free to express ourselves politically, sexually and culturally today, and that’s in large part to Hef’s heroic mission to expand those freedoms.”
Starting in March 2016 (next year) Playboy is not going to publish nude pics no more. Partly because of it’s dependence on social media sites like facebook, which don’t allow nude pics. Also, people are starting to view mags online versus, buying paper copies so that is hurting the circulation of some of our biggest publications. In 1975 Playboy’s circulation was at 5.6 million, in 2015 it’s at 800,000 & the company is loosing $3 million a year.

COMMENTARY: Some men, view & treat women as sexual objects, which lowers womens self-esteem, self-worth & value, which can make women be more susceptible to violence, verbal abuse, domination & subservience. In this society where women are valued for their physical aspects, & not who they are on the inside, women struggle to be accepted, women struggle to fit in & assert their independence & be empowered. They seek to be accepted on men’s terms, by changing who they are physically, meaning wearing tons of make-up wearing tight clothes, getting enhancements, plastic surgeries, starvation & having eating disorders like anorexia & bulemia. Society potraits the image that in order for women to be “beautiful” they have to be extremely thin, big breasted & pale. Women who have extra pounds or are considered “thick” are viewed by media as “disgusting” “obese” & “ugly”. Imagine what those words do to a woman!!!
In order to “beautify” who they are to be in accordance with the societal perceptions of beauty, women go to these extreme measures I mentioned above, & they run the risk of loosing who they truly are on the inside, their perceptions of self change & that can be detrimental to mental health, leading to depression, self hate, & even suicide in more exteme cases. Men have turned women’s strong sense of sexuality into a money making market machine worth billions of $$$ a year, objectifying women & showing nudity, sexual acts & what have you in order to excite men & feed an ever growin beast that preys on the weaknesses & vulnerabilities of women…When companies make profits of exploiting women, when is it ever because of their, heart, mind & soul? That has no monetary value in the whole system, it means nothing, it is overlooked, so if you are a women with a brain, you are cast aside, forgotten, overlooked & traded in for a woman who is “sexy”…

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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