Randy Brennan

Forward looking

Prior to starting a lengthy prison sentence, I was under the impression that prison consisted of tiers, bars, razor wire, toilets next to your bunk in your cell, and a recreation yard where the big dogs eat the little dogs. I imagine that many of you share the same misconceptions that I had about prison.

When I was housed in closed custody, I did live in a cell on a fourth tier with bars and a 30- foot wall surrounding the grounds. One thing about closed custody that I never got used to was the sound of a large stainlesssteel toilets flushing right next to my bunk. However, for most of my time inside I have lived in a cell with a wooden door and my own key. I could use the community restroom, hot shot, microwave, JPay kiosk, phones, and dayroom game tabes whenever I want, but I never play games in the dayroom, I only use it to study frequently.

Making good choices and positioning myself for success has not made being away from my family and friends any easier, but it has made it better.

My days now consist of six hours of 3D drafting at my job with Correctional Industries, CNC machining vocational class in the evening (will complete this month), and studying my coursework with ASU
correspondence courses. I also manage to squeeze in at least 3 workout sessions a week to keep myself balanced.

How can anything good come out of a bad person? How is it possible that a convict/returning citizen can live a productive, values based life while still incarcerated?

To answer those questions, you must examine yourself to see whether or not you believe an inmate is worth your support and investment. By helping a returning citizen, you are helping your community by making sure that those who will return to your neighborhoods dont return to a life of crime.

I am looking forward to using all of my life experience and skills to contribute to a better society and reflect well on my family hoop.

All my relations

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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