Joseph Njonge


I guess this is the mayday voyage for me in blogging, so i’ll try to cover a few bases. So i have been reading a book that deals with the five stages of grief. SHOCK,ANGER, DENIAL,BARGAINING, ACCEPTANCE. What i wonder is, how do they decide which comes first. How do psychologists conclude which one you experience first when faced with grief. I really don’t think there is an outright order. There are times when you go through the first two stages, and then your subconcious self gets stuck at the ANGER stage. Then in no time the whole cycle restarts all over again. I think the only way one can completely heal, is by hitting rock bottom.since from there, there can never be any other way to go, but up. The only way to finally heal is, when it hurts so bad in your heart that its hard to breathe. To the point one finally accepts the obvious. You heart grows stronger, that you finally move on. so i do believe in the five stages of grief. Only question is, in what order of occurrence. Its easy for a person to say” just let it go” but i think the best remedy is the same ancient formula. “THE HEART ONLY ACCEPTS ONLY WHAT THE HEART WANTS TO ACCEPTS”.

Recently someone asked me why i always have a smile on my face, even when sometimes it doesn’t seem like i should be smiling. I almost concocted a tale like the one the joker loved to narrate in the first DARK KNIGHT. I am almost tempted to come up with a bizzarre tale that would make the jokers story look more credible. But the real reason why i smile is, knowing every morning that there is air to breathe.and every person has the ability to make a difference in the world, no matter the circumstance. “KWAHERI” for now. But not goodbye for long.— AFRICAN JOE.

(kwaheri-swahili- meaning goodbye.)

Joseph Njonge
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