Jonathan Gordon


In 1985 the average daily jail population of all the jails in America combined was 256,615 in 2000 it was 631,149 & in 2013 it wasa 731,000

Bail for African American people was 35% higher than White people & Hispanic people’s bail was 15% higher than White people’s

In 2012, African Americans were 13% of the U.S. population, but almost 40% of the population of jails & prisons

Latino/Hispanic people are 14% of the U.S. population, but 22% of the jail & prison population

In 1970, Non-White people were 30% of the people who were locked up, in 2012,
Non-White people were 70% of those locked up

In California, African Americans are ony 7% of the total population of the free citizens, yet they are 28% of the prison population & 45% of the people who got 3-strikes

Nationwide 47% of people with life in prison are African American, & 65% of Lifers who have non-violent convictions

In the State of Louisiana, 91% of Lifers who got non-violent convictions are African American

Nationwide 77% of the juveniles sentenced to life without parole (lwop) of the total 2,500 are African American

Prison Population by Race in 2000:
African American: 572,900
White: 436,500
Latino/Hispanic: 206,900

Prison Population by Race in 2011:
African Americans: 555,300
White: 465,100
Latino/Hispanic: 331,500

As we can see by these numbers, The incarcerated population of the U.S. keeps growing & growing. Well one could assume with the population surging, there are obviously more & more people living in this country, so that would justify the higher prison population.
But that is not true, in fact, this is an anamoly because the major & violent crime rates have been going down dramatically especially since the 90’s. So one is led to ask, if crime rates of major & violent crimes are falling, then how are more people ending up in jail? That doesn’t make sense….Next I will answer that question

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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