Jeremiah Gilbert

What a trip!

I’m not really fond of chain bus rides on an overall basis, the metal breaks my wrists out, there is never any leg room, always a nevous nelly asking all the same ol’ questions and aways some super convict that somehow none of the rest of us know that tries to “school” young nervous… Sounds fun right?!?!? Yet this last one was rather surreal.

I just returned from my resentencing. As I expected from the rural little jail, courthouse and people, I recieved the longer term. As it sits now I have ONLY 22 years to go!… Seeing that I have just begun my 24th, even that is downhill from here. And it is SOOO much better than NEVER!!!

If by the Creators blessing I win my next round of appeals I’ll have a chance to earn my way home in as little as 2 years. Upon the completion of the 25 years (as was written in the 5064 bill).

Thank you to all those who have prayed, loved and supported me throughout all of this. I am humbled, as well as empowered by each of you!

Heading Home.

Jeremiah Gilbert
DOC #709551

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