Johnnie Walters Jr.

Johnnie Walters Jr.

this is my 1st blog, and my name is johnnie walters jr and i go by the rap moniker of “stackwell” (which u can google to discover more information on my story).

i am currently the 1st music artist in seattle, washington’s history to; produce, record, and release a professional project from prision while trying to overcome a 17 year sentance for defending myself (and a family member) in an altercation u can read about in my story: (“stackwell”).

besides my struggle with the courts, its been my focus to offer hope 4 those who are under tough circumstances while sharing the importance of overcoming adversity.

we are currently using my newest projects to advocate for missing and exploited kids and the american cancer society 4 breast cancer awareness month.

any more info from me directly my doc# is 820185 and u can register with


Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185

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