Ramone Echols

Investigation (Part 1)

On August 21st , the day before my birthday this lil’ cat that I was cool with got jammed up with some work , so they took him and his celly to the hole ( segregation ). Well , on the 26th , they decided to come through and do a sweep in my unit , and guess who the first person was that they snatched up ? Yep , ME. I was sleep , and they hit my door like the gang unit looking for a murder suspect. I didn’t know what was going on , and all I could do was look at my celly and ask myself ” what the f*ck this n!99@ do ? ” Just like a raid they didn’t let me put on no pants , shoes , or coat. Just took me out in shorts , a t-shirt , and shower shoes. I ask what’s going on ? and they say IIU ( invesigators ) want to talk to me , and they take me to the hole. From past experiences I know that when you get to the hole it’s over. Nothing else matters at all. I ask again what’s up ? And they finally tell us we’re under investigation for introduction / possession of drugs. At this point I notice that it’s six of us that’s been snatched up. They tell me I have to piss in a cup for them , and I’m not tripping cause I know I’m clean. I had to stand @$$hole naked and piss in the cup in front of a guard , and all I could say to myself was here we go with the BS. I get dressed and they take me to my cell. The first 24 hours in there you’re on blackout status meaning you can’t do nothing your first 24 hours. So the next day I couldn’t shower , or use a phone. The first day I could was friday , and that wasn’t a shower day , just a yard day. So after two days I had to make the call to my Mother , and when I told her that I was in the hole again. Oh my God. I’ve been getting in trouble all my life and for the first time I felt so ashamed & embarressed to have to explain to her about being in trouble. I fet like I was eight and was with a friend that got caught stealing at the store and I had to explain it cause I really didn’t do anything this time. I was really feeling some kind of way because here it is I’m doing what I need to to prepare myself to get out and they come at me with the BS. The best way I could explain it to my family & friends when I called them was like this. I kept my hands in some kind of ” activities ” for many years over the years and they couldn’t stick me with NOTHING , so what make these people think they’re different from any other investigators ? If they got this close to me that only means that I’m not doing ANYTHING. There was no little chuckles with this explaination to my loved ones so they knew I was serious about being innocent on this one.

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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