Daniel Turner


It’s ubiquitous in prison. One way I’ve noticed is how religious sevices are treated. If you’re at work, and you have a religious service, it’s an automatic excused absence. Not even questioned. Oh, you’re going to Bible study, or Native American drumming, or Ramadan, or whatever? No problem, miss as much work as you want. Have fun, learn a lot, better yourself.

On the slip side, if I, as an atheist, say that I want to cut out from work a couple hours early to finish this book about moral philosophy, I get crickets. Blank stares. Maybe I’m just making excuses. Certainly it’s not nearly as important as the religious service.

I’m not complaining. I’m just commenting that the VERY erroneous cliche that a convict needs religion to be a successful ex-con is so prevalent in prison.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569


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  1. Your posts are very refreshing. You are a skilled writer, and lucid thinker. Hope you keep on writing and sharing your views (and maybe make a career of it)!


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