Ramone Echols

The 40 Club

I woke up this morning a member of the 40 club , and I about it. When I was 20 years old I said to myself , ” Damn ! I’m not getting out until I’m 43. That’s a long time. I’ll be old as f*ck ! ” Now I’m 40 , and what does that mean ? It means that this is almost over. My cousin Marc called me short timer today when I talked to him. So , that’s one beautiful thing about today. Another is , I got to spend alot of the day with my loved ones. It was on the phone , but that’s what’s up. Outside of Mom , Granny , & Shay. I talked to Valeria ( aunte ) , Sharon ( aunte ) , and Marc ( cousin ) , along with a few others. It’s been a while since I talked to them , and I really wanted to call and check on Timil’s kids but I don’t care to talk to their grandma. She always on some BS trying to make me call her aunte. Get the f*ck outta here ! If she want to be recognized as aunte , she should’ve been acting like one and checked on me at least once in the last 20 years. Yep , not one letter , card , or nothing. Sharon , Valeria , & Tawanna , they get the aunte respect. Sharon & Shay were both getting on me about getting old , but that was to be expected. Over all , today was a good day. I love my family. Now , with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this ; There was a point in my life where making it to 40 wasn’t even a thought in my mind. I honestly couldn’t see myself sitting around with my children enjoying life in their teenage years. Did I see prison in my future ? No. It was hard to see me in the next day. I’m 40. I have grandchildren , and I can see myself sitting around acting silly with them. And for those of you talking about I’m old. I’m Classic. I’m Vintage. I’m Timeless. Old ! NO WAY !!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Song of the day : Stay Schemin’ – Rick Ross featuring Drake & French Montana

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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