Still On Lockdown

September 6
The lockdown continues. So does the confusion.

This incident began a week ago in a seperate quadrant of the prison. That quadrant contains Norteno prisoners. D&E. When an incident there occurs, it is contained within those two units. The same goes for this quadrant, which contains Sureno prisoners.
But as we continue to remain on ‘modified’ lockdown status the frustration grows. We are allowed out to unit yard for 30 minutes a day, half a tier at a time. We are served chow at lunch, half a tier at a time(which is normal), yet at dinner it is a quarter of a tier. We are receiving showers daily, and access to jpay every other day(normal).

Each morning a piece of paper is slid through the door, and it gives us our daily update. Which has not changed since about Thursday. It is signed by the ‘Incident Commander’ who has changed three times.

Make that 4 times now. The first one I do not recall, I did not know the name. But the other 3 have been Carla Schettler, associate superintendent of minimum custody(camp). Brent Caulk, associate superintendent of the West Complex, and now Steve Barker, who if I am correct is the CUS of either D or E unit.
Yesterday, Saturday, the Superintendent came through the unit. He spoke to the guards but had nothing to say to his ‘wards’.
Which is not really a surprise. I have written him at least to letters recently, regarding the conditions of confinement, and he has not responded at all.
I was fortunate enough to catch him a few weeks ago on another lockdown and speak to him briefly. He gave me the standard ‘Safety and Security’ speech accompanied by his ‘just doing my job’ line.
I spoke with a few officers since this recent lock down began, and they are just as confounded as we the prisoners are, thay this is being drug out for so long, and that they have affected similar restrictions in F&G as they did in D&E.

Dinner these evening on the menu was supposed to be meatloaf, but it appears that due to the holiday tomorrow, Labor Day, C/I has decided to add to their expenses for us a holiday meal. It consisted of a ‘meatloaf’ patty, baked beans, cooked zucchini,carrots, a hamburger bun, and a banana, along with the single packet of ketcup and mustard which affords them the ability to equivocate that they provided us a ‘holiday’ meal.

The afternoon of September 7, the officers came over the unit intercom to inform us that we would have visiting tomorrow. The only problem with this is, we had our 30 minutes out for the day and have NO way to contact family or friends to tell them that they could come and visit.

These are the simple acts that are not thought out by those who have been placed in a position of authority.
If they are unable to coordinate this simple task, how can we expect anything more complicated. Unless we are to accept that these are intentional decisions on the part of the administration.
Either way, I do not think that these are the right people to be making decisions.
The safety of the prisoners, staff and community are in the hands of people who are making decisions that are hasty, and perilous.

It is Tuesday the 8th, and we finally received cleaning supplies for the first time today, since this current lockdown, which appears to be continuing.
We haven’t received the paper with the 24 hour notification yet, but it will be here soon I’m sure.
Surprise, no notification paper today, yet the program is the same. 30 minute unit yard, showers, jpay, and chow. We are walking around the unit dayroom as usual to pick up our meals. And although the facility is on this modified movement, no programs(religious, education, or law library), the administration still needs its “Muster Day”. So we are receiving a hot lunch, along with a Dinner ‘boat’ and Breakfast boat for tomorrow.

The C/O’s said that the reason we didn’t get a paper was bacause didn’t have any changes with the exception of visits.
I guess the budget can’t stand all of these papers being issued. It must get expensive passing out copies to 132 cells per unit each day.
I know my frustration is building.

From what I hear I am not alone. Prisoners are getting upset, and the staff are upset, and confused as well. The guards don’t know what is going on either. They don’t hear much more than we do. Maybe a rumor here or there. But the administrative staff are so far removed, little information is passed down until they say ‘go’.
That’s the update for today.

Wednesday the 9th
The paper came through the door this morning with the updated program for the ‘modified’ lockdown.
We received our usual thirty minute unit yard, along with an additional hour to the big yard. The big yard however was split between the two tiers. So the bottom tier was assigned to yard 1 & the top tier was assigned to yard 2.
Then the West Side of Fox Unit was let out for Big yard in a similar fashion.
As well Golf unit had evening yard under the same schedule.
We also will be authorized to attend Religious services now.
Delta & Echo units remain locked down.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

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