Steve Anderson



God asks us to appreciate the beauty and value of fruit and growth :

Look at their fruit, when they bear it and their ripening, surely in that
there are signs for people who believe ?
Surat – Al-An’am, 6:99}

Here we have been asked to see the signs of God in the beauty
of creation, and in its usefulness to all .

Verse 141 of the same Surah reminds use to look at fruit, appreciate
their Beauty and pay our dues for them :

Eat of their fruits when they bear fruit, and pay due Alms [ for ] them
on the Day of Hurvest .>

Islam has also asked of all to look for both beauty and virtue in the
selection of a wife .

If he looks at her, he is pleased. If He commands her, She obeys and
if He is away, She is loyal in taking care of herself and his money .


In Islam truth, virtue and beauty are not only used to describle
eachother : they are used to complement and support one another
at all times .

Virtue can only be built on truth and must be done in a way that
people find acceptuble, that is, ” beautiful,”

Stories form the Qurran are not only exceptional in content and
style but also tell of real life people and events.

The morals and wisdom taught through them thus because all the
more pertinent, for they are not fictional .

< We narrate to you the best of narrations Surah yusuf, 12:3} and
Surah yusuf, 12:111}

If people are going to listen to the call of Islam or virtue and truth,
it can only be through good expression and words which will warm
peoples heart and appeal to their ears Al-nahl, 16:25}

Despite this, some people [ may God forgive them ] Have adopted
extremely unpleasent, harsh and blunt ways of spreeding knowledge
of virtue of God and his Prophet .

As a result, people are driven away from Islam instead of being
drawn to it .

Have these people not thought about the words of God to his prophet :

It was by God’S mercy that you were kind to them . Had you been
harsh and hard of the heart, they have dispersed from around you . So
pardon them amd pray for forgiveness for them and consult them in
the matter …>Surah Al-Imran, 3:159}

The ones to responed to the truth and virtue, only they will believe,
and do it with strength,and courage.

Let these people be our target and let us address them in the manner
that they deserve so that they will hear us .

As for those who have no good in their hearts, they will not respond to
respectful ways an we should not give much time with them, I call it
the drop and go, drop some knowledge clear as I can be and let them
ponder on it, and let them see it in you as in your actions and words .

Well people its always a joy to share something I believe in, and I can
tell you God has done some very beautiful things to my life, as I say
the ( ANEW ) is within my words, actions and most importantly
my heart and soul .

That why its very imperative that you leave your thoughts, opinions
any kind of knowledge you would love to share. so I can be better see
your needed so come on people lets share this power.


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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