Ramone Echols

Asset Or Liability ?

I got divorced last year from my bm , and I was supposed to get remarried to this other chick I was with when I got locked up. It’s crazy cause when I left her she had a spark in her eyes. Now , all darkness. Anybody that know me knows that I’ve never been the type of person that settles for just anything , then or now . She knows that too , but she’s developed this f*cked up way of thinking since I’ve been gone. First , just like the other ones , she downgraded after me. So now she stays with an attitude about the way her life turned out , and she has the nerve to blame it on me. Then she seems to think that because I’m in this situation I’m a thirsty @$$ n!99@ like alot of these clowns , and She can come at me like I’m one of them weak @$$ dudes she been with after me. I guess I can take some of the blame cause I spoiled her back in the day , so now she feel like she can still get away with anything she want. I’m just on another level now , and she’s content with how her life is and I can’t knock her for that. I’m not going to act like she all bad cause she not. She’s just not made for me anymore , and I’ve been giving her chance after chance to get on the same page as me but she just don’t want too. In her f*cked up way of thinking , she feels like if she actually has a functional relationship and coexist like couples do , then she’s a weak b!tch for not having full control over the situation. I’m the guy that doesn’t trip with my chick , and I let her do whatever she wamts within reason , but she also has to know when to be cool and knock the BS off. This one , can’t seem to do that. I Love her ROTTEN @$$ , but at this point in my life she’s not condusive to my lifestyle. I’ve decided that about a year after I’m out I’ll be in a condo. I’ll either be driving a S550 or a Lincoln Contenintal in the year , and that’s from working and not the businesses I’ll be doing on the side until they blow up then I’ll quit my job. But she doesn’t have his type of vision. If I was building a team she would be my J.R. Smith. When she’s on , she’s on. But she will f*ck off the churches money at any time , and just to give you an understanding of what I’m dealing with. Johnni Blaze ,Love & HipHop NY. Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this ; Sometimes love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. Song of the day : Get To Know You Better – Mary J. Blige.

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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