Jonathan Gordon


Just like you, I was in the womb for 9 months/ Just like you, I came from the seed of Adam & Eve/ Just like you, PEOPLE IN PRISON ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO!!!/ I breathe the same air that you do/ I drink water from the same rivers that you do/ I eat the same food that you do/ i shop at the same grocery stores that you do/ I wear the same clothes that you do/ I live in the same neighborhoods that you do/ I walked dow the same streets that you do/ I drove down the same highways thet you do too/ WHY?—–

To the U.S. Census Bureau, I am nothing but a statistic, another young black man who is incarcerated again, that makes me a “recidivist”
To the judge, to the prosecutor, to the courts system, I am just another conviction they can add to their list of victories, to the Prison Industrial Complex, I am just another $$$ (dollar sing) commodity in their warehouse….Most importantly, to my family, I am a son, I am a brother, I am an uncle, I am a nephew I am a cousin…I am Jonathan Gordon
a person whom they all love…and to myself, I am a man: I have a heart, I have a soul, I have a spirit, I have thought, I have feeling, I have emotions, I have likes, I have dislikes, I am flesh, I am bones, I am muscles I am—just like you my friend, because PEOPLE IN PRISON ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO!!!

It’s easy to see how people are different, & use those difference as a way to separate, divide & ignore…I say:”Let’s use our differences as a way to unite & learn something new about someone else, instead of dividing.” Just like you, I have a rights/Just like you, my rights are supposed to be inviolable/ Just like you, I deserve respect/ Just like you I deserve to be left alone & not harrassed/ Just like you, I deserve privacy/ Just like you, I deserve to be treated like a HUMAN/ Just because I am stuck in this box, Just because I have been convicted of a crime, just because I wear khaki pants, Khaki shirts, Khaki coats, & I wear a green state I.D. on my chest, doesn’t mean I am a monster, doesnt’ mean I am a predator, doesn’t meant I am an animal, doesn’t mean I am still a criminal & haven’t changed my ways, Just like you my friend..PEOPLE IN PRISON ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO!!!

Society & the media, have a cold, calculating & humiliating system of attaching labels, caterories & stigmas attached to the labels & catergories to the people. The labels can be good, but in the case of people accused or convicted of crimes, the labels are ALWAYS BAD…The person who is accused or convicted of a crime is “DEMONIZED” the media, through newspapers & television, blast the worst pictures & images they can find of the person, usually it’s a tore up looking mugshot, so when society sees it they say:”Wow, this guy/this girl, looks crazy..What a horrible crime they ar guilty.” The media is the judge & jury & they find you guilty even before your first day in court…TO BE CONTINUED


Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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