Ramone Echols

Clutch Performer…….

Today I was cleaning my room listening to Mary J. Blige Share My World album , and the song It’s On featuring R. Kelly came on. Instantly I thought about Queen. My RIDER ! MY RIDE OR DIE , FOR REAL REAL. That’s the one song on that album that she feels belongs to us. She dedicated that cd to me when she was in college. From day one that we met she’s been by my side 110% , and that was 23 years ago. I got locked up when she was 16 , and she made a grown woman decision to ride it out with her man knowing that I was sentenced to 28 years. We broke up after 11 1/2 of me being in prison. One reason was that we reached a place in our relationship where we weren’t on the same page anymore. Another reason was that there were people around her that felt like they had the right to offer her relationship advice. I remember D-Ray talking about the ghost of the bitter b!tch on Comic View , so I’m not mad at them people because I understand that she was surrounded by people possessed by the ghosts of many bitter b!tches. I called her today just to let her know that I was thinking about her. We went down memory lane. We had a great conversation , and it felt good to have some one I could talk too without all the BS being involved. But we’ve only argued twice , and I can’t even remember what it was about. I’ve pissed her off sooooooo much over the years with some of my BS , and no mattter how mad I made her she always kept it real Grown Up. She’s still my go to when I have something to figure out , or I just need someone to talk too. If I was building a hoop squad she would be my Jimmy Butler. What’s up Bolingbrook. Queen , you know what it is. Song of the day : It’s On – Mary J. Blige featuring R. Kelly…

Ramone Echols
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