Daniel Turner


Lately I’ve seen this commerical for Fiji bottled water, and their tagline is nature’s most perfect water … because humans haven’t touched it. Right. Do they understand how many people die every year from drinking unsafe water? Are they telling people that they are drinking water right out of the ground? Another commercial was selling butter “just as nature intended it.” Really, butter? Butter was not made by nature, it was made by man.

I can’t stand this nature-is-romantic-and-wonderful nonsense. And it’s so pervasive today. But natural sucks. Natural means bacteria, diptheria, ringworms, and botulism. Our very UNnatural methods, the way we have fought and harnessed nature, has tripled our lifespans and dropped child mortality rates to almost zero. It enables us to feed billions more people than the Earth ever could naturally, it gives us the wonders and convenience and wealth of the modern world.

But I don’t expect the “natural living” crowd to ever accept that … just like you never see them living without the wonders of the modern world. When I see one of them spread tree sap on their sick child rather than taking him to the hospital, I’ll take them more seriously (and probably recommend that their child be taken away for neglect).

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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