Jonathan Gordon


I thinks somewhere along the line, someone somewhere forgot to tell society that incarecerate people are HUMANS, just like anyone else. There is this perception that we are MONSTERS & different from everyone else. We are segregated from society, lost & forgotten. It’s funny how, in this world of prison, that it’s acceptable for another human being (the prison staff & the gaurds) took it upon themselves to decide what “rights” that we are “entitled” to & what “rights” we are allowed to recieve. People seem to have the word “rights” mixed up with privelges. Now correct me if I am wrong, I may be trippin, but I thought that God, our creator, had already doen the job of deciding what rights we got coming & what rights we are entitled to. Silly of these human beings to think that they have the powers of God & that the can superced him in his autority. I am in prison, I have been cast away as a peice of trash, & thrown away in this city garbage dump (prison). A majority of people in the world are blind as to what really goes on inside the walls of these institutions.

They automatically assume that the criminal “justice” system in America has done a fine job of solving crimes, prosecuting the criminals, & warehousing them in prisons & jails. The people automatically assume that the workers of the corrections industry are just “doing their jobs” and doing a mighty fine job of that. It’s easy to say,”These are horrible men & women, they are a danger to society, they are just getting what they deserve.” America’s ideals of just were inherited from colonists, slave owners, slave drivers, idol worshippers, members of secret societies, cults & KKK leaders & British aristocrats wearing black robes & white wigs. The ideologies that we are brainwashed with, & expected to serve & loyally be bonded to without questioning, are, if you really look at them DETRIMENTAL TO THE WELL BEING OF SOCIETY. Society perpetuates class, social status, hate & racism, and who is the easiest target to direct your feelings of hate, rage & anger to? The most defenseless, the most lowly & the most feared of all society–people in prison. The staff & administrators go to the extremes to enforce the ideology that there is an “US” & “THEM”. The seperations are re-enforced everyday, the gaurds were blue uniforms & have blue i.d. tags, the incarcerated people wear khakis & have green i.d. tags. The workers of these prison exert their authority with unyeilding power & arrogance, they get intoxicated & punch drunk of the position that they have been given & it distorts their perception of not only who I am as a person in prison, but their distortion of who they are as people, and the responsibilities of their jobs. The guards are trained to believe that if they get to close to an “inmate”, the “inmate” will compromise their job & the trust they have been given, if she is a female gaurd, the male will coercer her to having sex, the “inmates” will have them smuggling in drugs, cellphones & pornos. The gaurds are trained to believe that, they can not get to “friendly with the inmates,” because they are no good, scum of the earth, evil incarnate. Some even believe that we don’t deserve any rights, privleges or amenities. They reluctantly give us the little “freedom” we do have…..TO BE CONTINUED


Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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