Jarvais Warren

Seize the DAY!!!!!

Karpay the de-yum til you caint karpay it no more!

The day is no match for the motivated. We dont catch it by surprise. We look right in the eyeballs of the day! And tell it Ima gonna seize you now!

When’s the last time you said “eh, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Well didja do it tomorrow?……… Mabye.

If it was something like go get food for the house or go get gas.

But Im talking about goals you would like to have finished, but don’t really need done.

Like start that new diet and go to the gym for the first time, clean out space in an area of your house, or anything that would make you feel a little more proud of yourself, but its not something you have to do.

Oh and FYI, tomorrow really never comes ya know.

A guy has been asking me for a cup of coffee all week, I keep telling him tomorrow, he says, “today is tomorrow!!” I say, “Noooo….today is today sir, plus I only have green tea.”

Soo, when that goal came up didja seize the day? Or didja do it tomorrow? Are you still doing it tomorrow?

If you actually did do it tomorrow, mabye because you were to busy seizing the hell outa today, so you had to save some for the next day, or What ever reason you decided to start your goal……didja finish it???

Or did, it get too hard, things kept going wrong, or you could have just forgot about it and got board. Well if i get board, i usually move on or try a new angle.

But if you came to a road block and thats why you stopped then I got good news. That aint the only road. There are many ways to go about finishing goals.

If you really want something all you gotta do is put in the effort. Its yours for the taking!!!!

Find 3 ways to get to your goal, if they all fail, well now ya know 3 ways that don’t work for you. Now find 3 more ways, don’t give up!

Talk to people that have already done it. Try to learn from their mistakes. Ask as many people as you can (stay humble and listen).

Picture yourself already have completed the goal.

Now rewind in your mind (mind rewind lol) how you got there.

Stay positive!!!! You must!!!

Negative brings negative.

If you can keep a positive outlook on your future as you watch your dreams crash infront of your eyes, you make applejuice out of life’s lemons. This time I will use bricks instead of straw and sticks.

I mean when is the last time u had salt in your coffee? Oh, you don’t like salty coffee? Well lets say I put salt in my coffee on accident, Im in a “waste not, want not” state of mind right now so Im not pouring it out. How would i make it sweet? How do I get rid of negative thinking?
All Im saying is you wouldn’t keep pouring salt in your coffee, so stop thinking negative. You get nasty results. And yes Im serious, if that really happen I would add more sugar or just chug the whole cup.

When you think negative, it takes away energy that you could be aiming at your goals. Thinking about how to get back at that person or how today went soo bad, and you know tomorrow will be worse. If tomorrow is bad or good, you have already made your mind up, and will go through those bad emotions either way it goes. If the END of the day goes wrong, you have already been feeling those emotions for the WHOLE day!! Then we say “See!! I KNEW IT!!”

Try knowing that tomorrow will be great, and your getting closer.

So anyway.
Go hard, never give up, victory is around the corner, cant stop wont stop, stay motivated, who ate my top ramen, if your going through hell keep going, shake it off shake it off (Taylor Swift), you can do it!

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338


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