Lock Down

We’re back on lockdown again, just another episode in the adventures of the West Complex, where the routine that exists is on again off again, over and over again and again.
The Superintendent walked by the tiers today, and I had an opportunity to speak with him. His ideology is that we need to be responsible to one another and hold each other accountable. This is not reasonable based solely on the individuals involved. It is also not reasonable to expect a group of people who are displaying violent tendencies to be reigned in by others who are expected to be productive, non-violent, and demonstrate positive behavior. And at what point is the Administration supposed to be held accountable for the actions of the prisoners that they are responsible for.

I addressed these issues, but the road has already been paved. What is/has transpired here is now acceptable, and there is nothing being done to create a more positive environment for those individuals who do wish to program and do their time productively and positively.
DOC and Walla Walla is aware of the instigators, and is not attempting to cease the problems that it has created.

Superintendent Holbrook, said himself, that these problems are not arising in D&E Units. So exactly what is it that is creating the issues down here in F&G Units.
He can tell you, as well as the guards, other administrators, and Headquarters in Olympia.
They know what the problem is… The question is what are they doing to stop the problem?
We are losing time out of our cells, this includes showers, recreation, education, library, law library, religious services, visits, telephone, and jpay access.

This latest incident involved two pisa’s and three surenos. What or why, I do not know they are not my affiliation, and it is none of my business. I merely identify these two groups for informative purposes, to keep the outside world and those of you who are reading this up to date.
Until I have more to tell you I will sign off, I’m sure it won’t be long once we get out of our cells before there is another incident. I have definitely come to expect them.


It’s 1:00, and we are now off lockdown. They did their forbidden three sweep, and were only able to accumulate three t.v.’s, so I wonder what they will take next. 4 OCL’s went to a meeting with C/I today regarding the food. There were numerous issues brought up to include, quality, quantity, holiday meals, etc.. C/I states that there are two greenhouses up and running, and soon we should have some fresh vegetables besides zucchini, as a hot vegetable and cold vegetable for the same meals. We are also receiving green peppers, for a cold vegetable.
Who knows what to expect next.
This is the pit of despair.
Very little assistance by way of the administration to make changes. The appearance is there, since they have meetings, but the voices are not being heard. At least there are no accomodations being made.

My next concern is what do the adminidtrators think/expect to happen once the Forbidden Three restrictions have taken all of the property from one group of inmates? Are they merely going to accede to the program set in place for them to regain their property, or will they strike out even more, since they have nothing to lose. If you are willing to take the chance to lose what you have, what will you do when you have nothing to lose?
I suppose time will tell, because that is the direction that we are headed.


I just finished a conversation with a Correctional Officer regarding the meals being served here at the West Complex. This conversation arose based on my question to the Unit Sgt. about DOC policy, that the Superintendent would have an assigned staff member to taste the food. There was a questionairre that would be filled out documenting the meals visual appearance, taste, quality, and portion size. This served to assure that we were receiving quality meals.
The Sgt. was not aware if this policy was still in effect, but had not seen it occur in quite some time.
So as I returned to my cell inspecting my dinner tray I was again disgusted to see zucchini throughout my Turkey ala King, and also as the hot vegetable serving. I left my dinner tray sitting on the floor until the doors opened to take my tray out. Uneaten.
As I returned to my cell an officer addressed me and asked me if I had filef any grievances about the food? He specifically stated that he agrees with me that this food is unacceptable, and that he, and others have brought this issue up to their respective superiors, and the Union that they are assigned with.
I explained that the food is a very serious subject to be addressed within prisons. The safety issues that are created by neglecting prisoners through meals. And the necessity for the staff to address this issue.


I sent letters out tonight to Columbia Legal Services and the ACLU in hopes of receiving some outside assistance and support. One big obstacle that we as prisoners have is overcoming peoples perception that the State, DOC, and officers provide us with everything that we have coming. Or the “They wouldn’t do that” stigma.
The fact is yes we are given three meals a day. Are they realistically quality meals? I don’t know, is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on your menu 7 days a week for breakfast? Would you serve left overs for dinner every night? Because essentally that is what we are being served. Food prepared they day before, and reheated the following day.

I again prepared a letter to the CPM, to address the issues that were presented to the administration. And were never responded to. There have been absolutely NO further changes since the a.m. unit yard returned to regular.
By the way, I also received an outgoing email rejection to StoneCity on the 27, that stated my email from the 16th contained ‘mail advocating violation of WAC rules’. Yet I was not infracted.
If anyone is aware of whether or not any of that message made it out please let me know. Thanx.
That’s all for now. Will be back soon with the latest & greatest information from behind the concrete curtain of the West Complex.


Approximately 20-25 inmates were in the gym today, most of who could not go to the yard because of the Forbidden Three restrictions. The gym rules that have recently come into effect state that on alternating weeks the gym will be basketball and handball, and then volleyball and pickleball.
The hispanic inmates,(mostly or all) sureno’s sat down.
They were all taken to the hole-segregation, for ‘unauthorized group demonstration’.
This was followed by an immediate show of force by the guards. All of the inmates on the two big yards werd required to lay down on their stomachs and were then taken from the yards one by one, handcuffed, and escorted by two officers back to the unit.
Subsequently all of the inmates in education, law library and library were returned to their units without escorts or restraints. Although they walked past approximately 50 guards, some with sheilds, others with shotguns, and finally past 5more guards in camoflauge all with some sort of weapon.
This was so routine, it appeared to be either a drill or training.
After two counts, dinner and breakfast were delivered. Two sack meals, called boats.
Ironically we had two boats earlier today. Both distributed last night. So by lunch tomorrow we will have had 4 straight sack lunches, boats.
This all wihout a punch, or any acts of violence or destruction of property. NO AGGRESSION. And of course we are locked down again.
At 7:00pm we were returned to normal operations. Showers and unit yard. At least someone had enough common sense to recognize this was not cause for another lockdown. Too bad it came after we missed a hot meal.


This is the most unbelievable sight I have seen. All of the Mexicans who went to the hole yesterday, for sitting down in the gym returned to general population today, 24 hours after they shut the entire facility down to remove them from the gym, called the SERT TEAM in as a precaution and show of force and removed everyone from the yards, and othet activities.
———————————————————————————————After going to the yard tonight I have been told that what happened was all of the individuals in the gym were actually on Forbidden Three Restrictions and unable to go anywhere else. The guards never questioned them until after they were in the hole. They jumped the gun and panicked. There never was a sit down. The mexicans simply went to the gym for the sole purpose of getting out of their cells. What they have been doing since the majority of them lost their big yard access to Forbidden Three Restrictions. This is further proof of the Forbidden Three not working, and the administration acting hastily.
I apologize for the delay in sending this out. I had to pick up some stamps from the post office, all appreciation due to my good friend Ismail who funded the purchase. A positive individual who has successfully transitioned to the streets, and hasn’t forgot us.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

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