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Anthony Herod

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My name is Anthony Eugene Herod, and i am her to give you a special look into an amazing mind. A mind filled with some of the gratest secrets that the univers has to offer. You see i have a incredible talent that God/univers has blessed me with and i am more then willing to share it with whomever may be seeking the wisdom and knowledge to gain success in anything one chooses in life. I am here to make a difference in someones life, who may be struggling with work, depression, relationship, or just every day life situations. I know life can be hard at times and we sometimes feel there is no hope to making it a better place for us to be able to enjoy, but i can asure you there can be. There is a way to gain love, prosperity and success throughout the entire spectrum of you’re life. The frist thing one must do is change the way you think. Changing the way you think is key to gaining access to all things you wish to accomplish. Now make sure everything you think about has a positive outcome, no mater what it may be, just make sure that all you’re thoughts stay positive. The reason i say this is, every time you have a thought no mater good or bad, there is an energy behind those thoughts. For example, every time we choose a bad thought there is usually a bad outcome to that bad thought. So if we think more positive no mater what the situation is, there is usually a positive outcome. Try it out for a week, if a bad thought comes into you’re head replace it with a more better positive thought, replacing thoes thoughts will usully always make you feel better. Imagine seeing yourself having the best result posible when replacing you’re bad thoughts with good ones. The energy in those positive thoughts will start to have an instant effect on the enironment around you. Just remember, by trying this you don’t have anything to loose only everything to gain. So why not give it a try? Life is a beautiful thing and once you leanr how to use all of it’s attributes then and only then can you live it to the full’est. The univresal energy has a tremendous effect on everything around us, it is the key to everything that exist. Please use it wisely!
If one dares to imagine all the vast amounts of planets and stars that exsits in are univers then one can imagine all the endless possibilities there are to lifes endeavors. Think you’re way to success!

If you would like to contact me for a better understanding on how positive thinking wroks i would be more then happy to help you gain a better understanding to this wonderful movement we are all taking part in. I hope and pray that we as a people can come together and change the way we think, then and only then can we make this world a better place for all of humanity. Success is inside of you just waiting to be discoverd!

If there is anyone who may want to help me do a podcast, or set up a facebook, & twetter acount i would be so appreciated. I could use help getting a few thing done. I also write songs and produce music, So if you would like me to write you a hot song, just tell me you’re story and i will make you a hit! I am really good! Those who volenter with projects comes first. But i will ever leave anyone out of the loop.

Contact me @ Anthony Eugene Herod D.O.C. N0.# 703840
or write me @ Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, Wa 98520

Ps i will also be writing my biography sending Stone City Blog a chapter once a week. Trust me you do not want to miss this! Thanks Guy’s! You’re New Friend Anthony!

Anthony Herod
DOC #703840

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