James Chambers

Trying To Get Prisoners To Work Together !

We have great chance to actaully make a huge change in WA State ! If we could all just get on same page. There is very amazing group of peaple fighting to bring back parole in our state ! We are fighting to bring it back for peaple who have serve 15 years or more in prison. Because it has been shown that they actually have the greatest chance of success and lowest recidivism rate . But you would not believe how hard it is to get peaple to have their families and love ones just to go to website to sign up to support this movement. To make this huge change takes tons of support. In WA state we have over 5000 inmates serving 20 years or more and lots of those have served 15 years or more already ! Like my self I have served 16 years already for non violent drug crimes I recieved 461 months which 39 years i had one prior conviction for 3 pot plants. I was convicted as first time offender! I never served a day in jail prior to my arrest in 1999 ! I was a drug addict with a very serious gambling addiction also ! I was not a drug king pin and was never caught with large amounts of drugs or money ! The crazy part of all this is with all the inmates serving all this time there has only been 500 or so friend and family that have signed up to support the wacoalitionforparole.org ! I will be writing more about this issue thank you for taking time to read this !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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