Samuel Hawkins

Prison Lockdown

Here we are again, faced with another of these “LockDowns” that everyone that comes to Walla Walla’s West Complex is familiar with. Families and friends I’m sure have heard of the irrelevance of many of these quote “lockdowns”. As a prisoner,(and I have been such for the past 22 years) I do understand the necessity of institutional safety. But as I see now these “lockdowns” for minor altercations are more of a tool of harrassment, and to discourage future acts. IT’S NOT WORKING!
At some point you would expect that the Administrators who are in charge of these things would see that locking the unit down for 2-3 and 3-5 days, every time there is an incident is not having any effect on the number of incidents that are occuring.
For instance today there was a fight on the big yard. Two individuals, one of which got the upper hand, and so the others friend tipped the balance back in his friends favor and then ceased any further assistance.
Mind you when it was all said and done, none of the combatants had serious or even visible injuries. The majority of this “fight” was a wrestling match. Many of the punches that were landed were to the back of one inmate who was curled up, with only his back exposed.
Yet wr are again in our cells, a paper slid through the door, to inform us of are temporary loss of programs.
No workers, no yard, gym, phone calls, jpay, religious services, law library, showers, visits, or anything else outside of the cell. Meals and medication will be brought to the cell.
This will encompass the whole unit, which is split in two “pods”. Fox East, and Fox West. Even though the incident took place in Fox East today, the West Side also is “locked down”. In 2-3 days, the guards will come around and take up to 6 peoples propety, for each of the individuals involved, that means potentially as many as 18 people could lose their t.v., radio, shoes, yard priveleges, dayroom priveleges, visits, ortelephone priveleges for up to 30 days. No infraction, no hearing, no appeal, no DUE PROCESS. For simply being an associate of any of the involved parties.
I must impress on you that very few of these incidents are accompanied by serious injuries. These are not people being hospitalized, and while I do understand that I may sound desensitized, and apathetic, I accept the sometimes violent nature of my surroundings. I do try to keep my things in perspective, and this means that ” I am in prison “.
So there will be these recurring acts. It is just unfortunate that the administration can not find a better way to address these situations, that does not repeatedly confine an entire unit for these minimal acts of violence.
As I know more I will add to this, over the coming days.
JULY 24, 2015
Sure enough, the guards showed up at 12:00 this afternoon and are taking shoes, t.v.’s, and jp4’s. So far there are 5 peoples property sitting on tables in the dayroom and there is still a stack of papers to be issued to others.
The only good thing about this is that we will be, or should be coming out of our cells as soon as they are done.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

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