Positivity In Prison

Hi, Randy here.
Yesterday was a day to remember all of those loved ones who have been lost to cancer, I beleive that we all have someone close to us, or at least know someone who has been diagnosed with, or died from cancer. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. We had the relay for life “cancer walk” here at Stafford Creek wich helps us think of our loved ones and support the cause, if only in just a small way. Although I am in prison, I am not of prison. I want to live my life as if I am a responsible and contributing member of the community that I have taken so much from. I committed a robbery, which turned into a gunfight, causing the death of a 24 year old man. I never again want to be that guy who robs and takes, I want to be the guy who gives back the best thing I can give, a man. A man who is not only reformed, but a worthy man who is no longer a threat to society. In my future blogs I will be taking you on this journey, tracking my progress and giving updates on my daily life and activities here at Stafford creek. I have come so far since I committed my crime at age 19. I think that anyone would be surprised at how far a person can progress, even in such a depressingly oppressive environment. There aren’t nearly enough avenues available in prison for positive change, but I beleive that If it is an individuals desire to constantly learn and grow, then that person can live a positive, values based life, in prison or out of prison. Take care

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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