Jarvais Warren


It basicly means, make what you want come true.
Speak it into existence.

Its kinda like this,

Its is said if u want things, you must speak and think positivity, and speak and think and act as if you already have the things you want. As u continue to take action to complete your goals.

Completely believe your goals are accomplished and believe u already have felt all the emotions that came with the completion of the goals.


And when you do this, and you take it seriously, it makes your mind fill in the blanks. You will be given bridges and tools to get past obstacles.

So try this,

Something you have been wanting to do, mend a bad relationship, get extra cash, stop a bad habit, or become a stock broker, whatever it is.

Get pictures of your goal, post them places that you will look daily, and repeat what you are trying to do throughout the day. But say it as if it already happen!


Thats right scream it! With passion! Thats how I would feel anyway!!

But ya gotta get negativity completely out of you. Anger, spite, guilt, talking bad about people or any bad intentions really. You get what u give. You think bad, bad will start coming your way (bad luck comes in 3’s/when it rains it pours).

So try this for a month and see what happens, but keep taking action to do what ever your are trying to do, be aware, and don’t give up!!!!!!!! See if you have any changes, and if it doesnt work out wouldn’t adding a little more positive energy in your life be nice anyway??

I currently can’t respond to comments, but in a month that will be fixed. So please comment if this helps, or you know it works because you apply this already. You could contact me on Jpay as well. In a state of positivity you are given tools to build.

Jarvais Warren
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  1. these are timely, and true words. People tend to work from outside,to inside. When it’s inside to outside. True Wealth, is a perception that must be believed, from inside to out. I have vision boards,post it, post cards, all around my house, to remind me, THAT I have no lack, that my recovery has begun! The Holy Spirit told Me, ” To Receive, Wealth in your spirit first, give out your need, and Wealth Will Come seek you out! Oh! there are no mistakes, incidents, or accidents, Therefore I Received, the I AM……A Great Invester! Right Now! I Wrote that out, and placed it on my Vision board and Prayer Closet…… thank you!
    Note:”I AM” (Commands) Is The Highest Form Of A Command; And the Universe Must Obey!!!! Great Word To God’s Wise! – Prophet Ash’e


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