Jarvais Warren

Prison Conditioner

Im not talking about for your hair,

but they do have this stuff on comissary called “White Rain”. Sounds very generic and “prisony”. Never used it, I use Pantene. Im part of the Long Hair Dont Care movement and I must’nt apply such things to my head. The name sounds suspect, kinda like a fake name. If I told u my name was Jack Jackson you’d prolly give me a funny look.

But anywho, I ment conditioner meaning training.

As I reflect on my thoughts that I think. I came to realize that Ive been condition for this extended time of study, or prison, watever.

Reasons I think so

1) I like to be cozy, small spaces make me feel secure.
2) Quickly Adapt
3) Angry asshole (Im workin to fix this)
4) I’ll eat anything, (this will come in handy for prison)
5) Big guy, and my relaxed facial expression looks mean

Plus Im a loner by nature which I think made me all weird and stuff. Because with no one to talk to I talk to myself, and through out the years ya get comfortable, so ya might catch me laughing at nothing because Im telling myself and inside joke that we (me) made up. Which may or may not, give u the idea that im missing a couple sandwiches out my pica-nik basket.

But these are the very things that help me navigate through my sentence, and without these flaws, i think my progress would have slowed.

I say that to say this,
I think life is predetermined, and if you don’t agree, fine, MY life is predetermined. I think I was born this way to help face the hardships I must face in order to reach oneness.

Give it to me straight doc

I had to go get x-rays a month ago. The doctor finally calls me to look at them. I go there directly after work. I work in the dishpit in the kitchen. He tells me that I have the back of a 50 yr old, and 3hrs before this I dropped a big frying pan on my pinky toe, turning it dark purple and causing me to limp.

But the doctor made my day as he gave me one of the many back tests. U have to hold your leg up as he presses down.

Then He gives me a crazy confused look with his mouth open and looks at his gloves and says.
“Why are you so wet!”

In the dishpit you can get soaked. I just got use to it. His face made my day. LMAO! I should have acted shocked and confused too.

Stock stuff from prison


You see what happen? Man like 20 million people got hacked for their information and stuff homie. Thats almost 21 million! I think they need to prolly holla at some cybersecurity companies. CyberArk and FireEye

Im a fan of Hannibal Berres, the guy with the show “Why”. I was a fan before the Bill Cosby thing. I like his “Im not really trying” comedy Style. But in his show it seemed like he really wasn’t trying, I thought it was crap, with little google eyes placed on the crap. Thats what i seen, ok im tired now.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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