Steve Anderson


We were all very happy to be able to hangout with each other min, no time to parlay due to everyones scheulde or one just being b what life handed out, but we always made time for each other
with this fact, we were all good company to and for each other .

Today is friday its around 7:37pm, its warm outside and were about to kickit, we was at my small apartment , I – Bonolito, Cristal , Sharon , Tamar and my homeboy, Al the Great , just chilling and talking , doing the match, with good food and some drinks .

So you guys let me ask this , hold on , just one question .

Would you want to be feared, or loved ?


Niah blured out without giving her answer a second thought , to be loved all day , play fair and be very nasty to keep you there , yes to true love all day every day .

Why LOVED ? Bonolito asked .

Because love is a beautiful thing .
To truly be loved by someone is just
one of the rearson’s were put on earth, I wont to love feeling loved , and
giving love , and being in love, niah decleared .

“But fear is a horrible feeling, caused by someone or something that will
have you in dangerous situations .

I mean someone or something that is likely to cause pain or is a threat that will bring hurt .

And when people fear you , eventually , they’re going to go aginst you,
oh they telling too, out of sight out of mind, thats how some think .

Most of the time they’ll wont to hurt you in some kind of fashion,
I know none of us want anyone coming for them in a dangerous way .

I, Bonolito don’t want to be a threat to anyone at all, but it seems to me its also someone that finds a reason of not to be one, JUST TO HATE !

But you know love hurts , too .” niah said no, ( NOT ) when you play fair in trust and honesty and truth .

It do , but everything hurts , but its how one deals with that hurt is what
truely matters ,”

Bonolito was over joyed by her answers , he saw that she was intelligent
and some what different from her peers, and her speech was very
appealing, bonolito glazed at niah , and said I respect that shit, On one.

And one got to respact love that comes with loyaty .

Bonolito played niah close at the party, He repeatedly complimenyed
her on her outfit and on how good she looked . She blushed and ate it up his flsttery with a silver spoon .

Niah’s thoughts were doing 99, in the 55,zone , cause it felt good to be
wanted, exspecially by bonolito whom all the ladies yearned to be with ,
but niah was no fool to anyones angle .

Was it a game to try to get some pus-y , or wss bonolito genuinely like
her ? She just dent want to be hurt with the games that man played .

Bonolito’s last words befor they parted in the party that was in full swing , His words was so very softly spoaken they were for my ears only
you’re an angel niah , and its finally good to know what a piece of heaven
feels like ,” Bonolito said as his lips softly kissed her ear .

Niah said , this is very beautiful bonolito , just as being on top of
the world , even if it was tempory , being with bonolito was a exhilaratingfeeling for niah she wanted to nestle in bonolito arms and feel wanted and secure , she wanted this life with all the bonolito laws , that came with bonolito .

Bonolito slid behind her like the wind blowing and wrapped his arms around this beautiful creature , you’re so beautiful ,” he wispered in
her ear, niah smiled. as she nested in his arms and squeezed
very gently.

Alot of times we do not truly understand what it is to be, and give
love, to not act upon love, will leave you in doubt of self, act upon it.


P.S. As you see im back, here are my
first picks, please give your thoughts and
as I have said one day I do believe that
someone will contact me and we will form a plan were I can get the
coments and thoughts that people take the time to leave after reading
my blogs

But people as I have said please always leave your thoughts and opinions, it means alot to mean, I feel to get better need you !


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++SMILE AND WATCH WHAT GOODNESS YOU CREATE FOR ANOTHER AS
========================================================== [ IF YOU A BAD CHICK PUT YOUR HANDS UP HIGH ]

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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