James Rollins


They have so called gang experts/specialist that think they know about gangs and the gang life. They really only know a small percentage of the gang life. If you haven’t lived through something how can you truly know it intimitly.

It seems like I was born into it. While it’s true that gangs are very violent, thats the only side the media shows you, thats the side that society has been conditioned to equate with gangs.

The truth is that as I was growing up as a kid my town was beautiful, the people were beautiful. You could be outside playing and once the street lights came on the whole neighborhood watched out for all the young ones and made sure they made it back home.

The elders could walk down the block without fear, or sit on their porch sipping tea with a little something extra in it 🙂 while watching us play stickball or kickball in the street.
Ms. Fay from down the street can call any of us over and give us a quarter to go to the store for her and yes, we would stop what we were doing go to the store get our penny candy and whatever Ms. Fay wanted.
Then the gangs, and the crack epicdemic hit Tacoma.

I just lost my step mom on July 1, 2015. I never considered her to be my step mom. I always thought of her as my other mom, she’s been there since before I was born. So I say that I was blessed with two crazy moms.
Her name is JUDY MOMMA DOG BROCK and despite her faults she was my mom and momma dog to the whole hood. REST IN PEACE MOM AND KICK IT WITH LITTLE BRO. TELL HIM WE LOVE HIM. MOMMA I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU AND I LOVE YOU FOREVER.

James Rollins
DOC #732975

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