Jarvais Warren

Being Human

Still pissed they took it off the air. I loved that shoe! Wh thought a ghost and a warewolf and a vampire could have so many adventures. I always new Aden and Sally would get together.


Yeah I know that it was a show and not a shoe, don’t act like your corrective text has never texted your friend and ask them if they have seen that new shoe on netflix.

And what happen to all the history on the history channel dammit!! Well i guess the reality shows have history, but its not the same. I loove Ancient Aliens but there is nothing really on there that shows history.


They should make a minions show. Even the the most harden criminal can’t keep their angry face when the previews for the new movie comes on.

Ive been working on Being Human also


Lol, ya like that? I just came up with that off the top of my head, Just now! So what If Its humans, and not human. Well I’ll change it to….

Having unpredictable movement allows notability

So this is what happen. The “Job Giver” tells me I have no work ethic, no good jobs want me, and other things that made my jaw drop like i seen a good magic trick.

I tells the almighty Job Giver, thank you for your honesty and I will work on my flaws. Starting with my lack if work ethic.

I felt as if I was standing next to myself like “Ya finally learning, ya big dummy.” I figure that making negatives positives is much better than getting angry and lashing back, which will just be waisting more of my time thats needed to finish my daily goals.

NO more childish thoughts for me!

Well, LESS childish thoughts 🙂

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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