Jarvais Warren

Applejuice from life’s lemons

Thats gonna be the title of my book, boy I tell ya, I could fill the whole book just with my 4 month stay hear at Cedar Creek. lol It amazes me how knowing personality flaws combined with the status/power a person has (or think they have) makes them easy to predict.

I think It will be one of those frontwards-backwards type books, you know, You turn it around to the back page and there is another cover, so you have to read it backwards. So thats two books in one, the second book will be called “Slave Labor in sheep clothing” A very passionate subject for me and the whole reason I put my self throught these obstacles.

When life gives you lemons, make applejuice.

You could make lemonade, but I like applejuice bettter lol.

Why shouldn’t I have what I want? As long as its postive ofcourse.

Why shouldn’t you have what you want? Whats stopping you?

Train your mind to believe that lemons can taste like apples and you can do anything. Its possible with practice and belief.

By the end of the year, I want to be tired of applejuice.

By the time my 2nd birthday (Dec. 8th (hint,hint)) comes around, I want to say to myself “Ya know what self? The next lemons we get, we gonna make peanut butter!”


So look, prime example–

My Buddy, Robert Bane shares the same beliefs as me, and are goals are similar.

He is here at camp with me, we both know its not by chance we met again. But anyway, they make u do 6mos of Forest work here before u get any job. They make you do it because most people don’t want to do it because the pay is low for hazardous hard work.

There is a test you have to pass in order to be able to fight fires (under 1.00 an hour), Thats what they make you do in the summer, some people like it because you get over time (lol) and you can be away from camp for weeks at a time with good food.

Robert failed that test.

But Robert also has personal life goals that need to be worked on daily.

The punishment for failing the test is working in the kitchen, no one wants to work in the kitchen. And NO ONE wants to work the morning shift in the kitchen.

They gave Robert the kitchen shift that starts at 4am.

Everybody wants the jobs that pay you 100-130$ month. Thats a lot in here (8am-4:30pm ).Robert having that job would leave him little time to work on his goals. He needs a job that he can be done with, early in the day, leaving time to construct his future little by little everyday.

One mans punishment is another mans applejuice I guess.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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