James Rollins


Jason Lee middle school, this is where it seemed all gangmembers went before being pushed off to high school or if you were to much trouble you were sent to region 5 alternative school.

Yes I got sent there.
After that I went to Stewart middle school, where I was extremely out numbered by the rival gang the bloods. It was inevitable that I get suspended from there.

I’m 5’6 now so back then I was only a tiny little guy with a big complex about it and I didn’t take no shit. So I was suspended twice. The first time was a one on one fight. The second time I was jumped by about 6 or 7 bloods. Both times I was always the one to get suspended. I told myself that was the last time I would get jumped at that school.

This is real ironic because when I was told that I was going to go there I said I would stay out of trouble I didn’t even dress like a gang member. I was to known and all my family was in the life, so me trying to lay low was useless.

So like I said, I would never get jumped at this school again. I started driving my M.C. (monte carlo) to school, and dressed like the banger I was, in a way that impressed the girls. I wore my blue dickies or my 501 blue jeans heavely starched creased down the middle blue nikes or blue chuck taylors blue sweater, blue flannel shirt, or just a white tee shirt, with a blue bandanna hanging out my left back pocket. I was locced out to the fullest and dared anybody to say something.

If you could see the looks I got the first day back from being suspended that second time. It was like, OH SHIT! Insane’s ( my street name ) back and he aint playing. All the wannabe crips flocked to me, the crips that was from other hoods like C.C. Rider, & ABC came around more and started wearing there colors.

My girlfriend Cocoa (Xaviera W.) who I loved deeply, the only girl I ever went back to after breaking up like 7 different times tryed to get me to leave school the back way one day when the bloods was really deep, all for me. I told her no way I don’t run. She looked so sad because she knew they would be waiting for me after school and she knew I was going out there. Win or lose I was going out there.

I said I would never get jumped at that school again. So I called my brother Lil A Dog, who called Big Budda, EPA, & Baby Fly all of whom was from my hood I told him what was supposed to happen after school. He said he would be there, I did’t know who he had called till they showed up. Anyway, when that bell rang for school to be out only one crip met me in the hall and walked out those doors with me (Lathin) Cocoa’s brother.

When I oppened those doors to the outside I was met with a sea of red. I couldn’t believe how many bloods was out there. They were talking so much shit and they were so deep I was talking shit back and though my brother wasn’t there I was trying to get a one on one fight. They were not going for none of that so I said “F” that and started down the stairs I was going to hit as many of them as I could before they got me. Then I heard the unmistakable music. Everybody was looking around trying to figure out where it was coming from. I didn’t know what direction they were coming from but I knew my brother was there. His music was so loud you could hear it a block away.

Anyway, I seen him hit the block off Picific Ave. with a couple cars behind him, I hear music from the other side of the block and see Big Budda, EPA, and Baby Fly cars hit the block. The homies came about 6-7 cars deep (thats 4-5 people in each car) they filled the whole street and when they all jumped out the bloods started running in all directions, there was some fights, but most of them got away. The school called my mom and told her don’t worry about me coming back I was expelled.
No school, so now I’m in the streets all the time. THE STREET LIFE!!!

“”””””””””””””””STAY TUNED-THE STREETS ARE COMING””””””””””””””””””””

James Rollins
DOC #732975

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  1. I’ve been keeping up with your blogs and really love them. Your voice throughout is wonderful, and I love how in each you learn a lesson or give us a good theme. I think that I should edit it (my summer part-time job) and we should get it published. There aren’t a lot of stories like this out on the market!


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