Daniel Turner


So in watching this tragedy of the mass murder in Charleston, the woman who turned in the killer said something along the lines of: “It’s not about me, but God put me there, and had me watch the news, so I could be there to turn him in.”

Using God for solace is one thing, but I just can’t sit still for this insanity. First of all, obviously it IS about you since you told us all that you were specially chosen by your god. Second, this is ridiculous. The best God could do was put a witness there so the killer could be caught? Why not put a policeman at the scene to stop the murders? Why not change the heart of the murderer? Ah, this stuff drives me crazy! And please don’t say that God granted us free will, so unfortunately this kind of thing has to happen and He can’t intervene. Because apparently God is okay with intervening to put that woman there to turn him in. Why not something better?

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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  1. Hi Dan. My take on it is that human beings have personal responsibility for dealing with their own unresolved conflicts, as well as shared responsibility for the world. It’s handy to blame God when things go wrong but actually if we want the world to operate as a subsidiary of heaven, we have to do something about it. A person with a willingness to be used for good can have a very positive (though limited) effect on the world. If they want to go beyond those human limitations they need to not only ‘act justly, love tenderly’ but also to ‘walk humbly with your God.’ For anyone, that’s a tough one. We mess it up more often than we get it right, is my guess.


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