Ramone Echols


It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve bloged , and it’s hasn’t been out of laziness or not having anything to blog about . I’ve been dealing with some things with some people , and they’ve been driving me up a wall . I’ve been trying to find reasons to keep a few people in my life , but no matter how much rope I give them they just keep hanging themselves . Then , there’s the people that’s starting to pop up all of a sudden it’s close to me coming home . I’m at a stage right now where I just want people to leave me alone . Get back out of my life , and leave me the h311 alone like they’ve done for the majority of my time . It seem like the older I’m getting the softer I’m getting , so I just don’t have it in me anymore to be an outright @$$hole . I’m just trying to do my correspondance course , finish my time , and go home without any BS in my life . I haven’t even been able to enjoy thinking about if I’ll want a house or condo ? Do I want to drive a Lincoln MKC or MKZ ? Do I want a couple of children when I get my feet under me ? Do I even want to stay in Washington State ? And will my ” Mary Jane ” even be a part of my life in the next three and a half years . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : Sometimes in life we get so busy trying to be everything for everybody including ourselves that we don’t realize how much we’re actually neglecting ourselves . I understand now what it means when it’s said that you can please some of the people some of the time , but you can’t please all of the people all of the time , includingyourself . It’s cool to be a little selfish at times especially when it keeps BS out of your life , and it helps with your decision making . If you let them , they’ll take all you have . Song of the day : Rich – Kirko Bangz feat August Alsina .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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