Jai'mar Scott

Hello world !

Its me again and before i go any further , let me first apologize for my absence in writting as i have been extremly busy with life and all of its different pulls ! Im not done with all of the things that i have going on but i had to sit down and talk to you .

My life has been really hectic and its been a real blessing .

Even in the mouth of adversity you can find joy !

I have talked so much about love and a really good woman and im sure that you know that i thought that it was rare and next to impossible to find , let alone enjoy.

I have had several opportunities to build relationships but those situations , it would have been me settling for less than what i deserve . Regardless of position in life , you always have to hold yourself accountable to the responsibilities of self . This comes with knowing self .

When you find your mirror , you have to hold on with everything that you have . There is nothing wrong with doing all that you can to ensure the happiness of your mirror because when your mirror is happy and content , you will be able to have a happy and nutured life .

By now , you should know that i am speaking of me , finding my true center . If you have followed my posting before , you would know that i consider you true center to be that one person who gets and complete you on every level .

That love that i always thought was elusive and so rare has been found !

I call that love QUEEN ! That love is so precious , its more valuable than gold and diamonds . They both pale in comparision to my QUEEN . One might say that i am sprung or that my nose is wide open ……well im not afraid or ashamed but i am proud to say to the world that i have found my QUEEN and her name is ………..

Not for me to say . It is not up to me to put her name out there without her permission . I have spoken of her before but i only mention her by her initials……… W.S.

If and when she gives her permission , i will tell you all her name . It is only right that i share who the QUEEN is …….

Well now that i have filled you in on that topic , im sure that some of you are wondering what the status of my parole is …….well with the advice of my attorney , we have postponed my hearing to get an exam done by an outside source instead of an contract person who works for the department of corrections .

With that being said , i am hoping to have my parole hearing sometime towards the end of the year . To those who are thinking of me or praying for me , thank you and please continue……..

As always , please take care of yourselves .until the next time. Be safe.

Jai’mar Scott
DOC #970703

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