James Chambers

Amazing Love Story

My baby and I had a greatday lora always knows how to make me smile and she is so strong ! It is great to have such an amazing connection with such and beautiful woman. She was waiting for me to get into visit room loaded for bear because ,I have been talking crap all week about whoopin her in yahtzee .Which for the first 6 games i did exactly that but she was not giving up we pleayed 12 games and she won 5 by the end ! then we played some monopoly and i won that ! Lora was not done she wanted to play somemore yahtzee, and she won 5of 6games . But the awesome part was during this great visit we have conversations about life and each other . This woman and I really have such deep love for each other . I love hearing her deepest feelings and the honesty , That is so rare in relationships these days . We spend hours talking and enjoying every moment we get to spend together. It is so special and we both know it thats whats so great ! I could not ask for more amazing woman . Love is something to always appreciate ! It is so cool to pray with her before she leaves ! I love her with all my heart

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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