Ramone Echols

Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day , and the first thing that I did today is put o one of my fater’s favorite cd’s ( Silk – Lose Control ) . This Father’s Day is a little different for me this year , because this is my first one without him for Father’s Day . Now , I’m not saying I spent every father’s day of my life with him growing up cause that would be a lie . I don’t recall spending any with him truthfully , but there’s a difference in knowing that he’s right across town just a hop , skip , & a jump away to go see him whenever I felt like it as opposed to him no longer being with me except in my heart & memories . I took some time away from my homework yesterday to call a few of my siblings just to let them know that I was thinking about them , and I love them . One of my sisters’ told me happy father’s day , and I told her that I don’t even like my kids so she didn’t have to tell me that . We got a good laugh out of that . All of my father’s days have belonged to my mother . Every since I could remember I’ve been telling her happy father’s day cause she was the one doing what was needed in my life especially the @$$ kickings , but that’s only because she chose to take on both roles . So today is about both of my fathers . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : They say a woman can’t raise a man , and in some ways that’s true cause my father dropped a few jewels on me in my lifetime that my mother couldn’t . At the same time my mother raised one hell of a man , and there’s a whole hell of alot that I got from her that a lot of men don’t have including heart , hustle , and the will to survive no matter what . So Happy Father’s Day to them both . Rest In Peace Mr. Echols , and I Love You to death momma . Thank You both . Songs of the day : Too Busy Thinking About my Baby – Marvin Gaye ( Pops ) & Earned It – The Weekend ( momma ) .

Ramone Echols
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