Making Progress

I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently doing a correspondance course to become a certified Victim Advocate , and I just turned in my first assignment on Monday . Now I’m on chapters 3 & 4 , and chapter 3’s assignments are I have to explain the pros and cons of a victim persuing a criminal case against their perpetrator . The pros & cons of a victim persuing a civil case against their perpetrator. The difference between common law and statutory law. And I have to write an essay on the similarities & differences of a criminal case & a civil case at every stage of the processes . They just don’t know . Me , writing an essay ! Please . Give me something to do that I’m not good at . My first response to learning that I had to do that was , ” I hope they don’t think ten pages is too much . ” I write speeches for my MACS class ( Mentorship & Acquired Communications Skills ) , graduations , and I do this blog , so that essay don’t stand a chance . One of my guys told me I should make it about five hundred words , but I’m just going to let it come to me naturally and it’ll be what it is . I definately can’t wait to turn this assignmet in , and get it back graded . I can’t wait to get my first assignment back graded . What’s crazy is , I noticed a few years ago when I was doing Graphic Design that I was really into my grades . I couldn’t wait to tell my momma about them . The first quarter of that class I received a 4.0 , and the second quarter I got a 3.9 . I called my momma tripping about that 3.9 not being a 4.0 , and all she could do was laugh . I knew she was laughing because I use to do just enough to get by when I was in school . A 2.1 was good enough for me , but now I’m not going for nothing lesser then a 3.7 and truthfully I don’t want that . I’m just giving myself a little room to breathe that’s all , but a 4.0 is what’s in my crosshairs , nothing else . Now with that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : I’ve always enjoyed learning , it was just the homework that I coudn’t stand . I felt that all that type of knowledge was suppose to stay in the school because I didn’t see how any of that applied to football , the streets , or just everyday life , but I was wrong . KNOWLEDGE IS POWER , AND EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO THAT POWER . Song of the day : Get Money – Junior Mafia .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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